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Our High Summer muse Tahlia Aubusson is a mother, content creator and self-taught photographer based in the Northern Rivers. Known for her honest writing and sense of humour, she shares the ups and downs of motherhood with a community she has nurtured and grown over the years.

When did you start building your online platform?


I started building my platform when My first daughter Ambria was born 6 years ago. I grew a following through sharing the ups and downs of motherhood including my journey with multiple miscarriage. I was able to write openly and honestly and connect with so many women.

When did you start your photography business?

We loved sharing beautiful baby and mama fashion brands and our funny and challenging days together. When my son Arlo arrived 4 years ago I really started to turn my passion for photography into a career. I slowly started improving my skills juggling motherhood and the world of marketing/content creation. I now shoot content full time for so many brands I love and I’m so proud of the wholesome and professional image I’ve created.

We love that you keep your online community close. Admirably, you opened up about some of your more difficult personal experiences online. What are some simple practices or tips that have helped you keep balanced that you think anyone could apply?

Having  gone through more loss in recent times it’s still a topic that enables me to give back to the many women that come to me needing words of advice or comfort going through the same grief.

What does a week in your life look like? We imagine between juggling kids, your own photography business and creative work it must be busy!

I am now a school mum, so first and foremost my priority is always my children, life just gets busier with them as they grow and gravitate towards their own passions and talents, it’s my job to be present and help them along the way. It’s not always easy as an ambitious woman but keeping them as a first priority amongst the juggle is most important to me.

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

2022 is more of the same, work and establishing more relationships with brands I align with. This year we are reminding ourselves that even whilst trying to reach our goals, we must make time for fun along the way.




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