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Mother, artist, environmentalist and slow fashion enthusiast Kimi Juan-Caja shares her favourite spots in Bali and embracing conscious living.



 Kimi wears our Anchor Blazer and Pants


Q: You’re based around the Philippines and Bali - what are your top 5 spots you love to spend time in?

A: My home is definitely on the top of the list. I love being at home with my family. In Bali, we love driving up to Ulu and spending time at the beach there. We love Bingin Beach and Dreamland Beach. In Canggu we love the cafes for some comfort food and staying at our villa. We also live catching sunset at La Brisa or The Lawn


Boracay Island, Phillippines

 Kimi's home in Uluwatu, Bali 

Treehouse De Valentine, Cebu, Philippines




Villa Putih Berawa, Canggu


Q: What are 5 sustainable habits you could share with our community for living more consciously?

A: 5 habits would be to: use what you already have, support small BIPOC and women owned brands, always use reusables anywhere you go, eat seasonal food so you can shop locally in farmers markets, and invest in things long term 🤎





Q: What has been the most unexpected thing about becoming a mother for you?

A: Becoming a mom made me realize I could do really hard things and this is what surprised me the most. Despite wanting to give up at a certain point, I was able to power through and I surprise myself everyday.

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