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A short and sweet guide to some of our spots for the summer.

1. Whites Beach, NSW


Mia wears the Krisha Linen Halter Midi Dress by the Pandanus trees


A spot we almost wanted to keep to ourselves, this is our favourite secluded spot just past Broken Head that will take you down a 30 minute return trip from the car. At halfway there’s a lookout point serving as a spot check and a moment to breathe in the view. Not much for shade as the pandanus trees are perched upon a cascade of rocks, so for accessibility to a sandy spot sheltered by rocks, summer low tides are prime.


Mia wears the Anjali Linen Shirt and matching Shorts


 2. Conto Beach, WA


Charisse wears the Anjali Linen Pareo


The turquoise water in the southwest has to be seen to be believed. On a sunny day, you can see for what feels like miles on every side, and all the way down to bright white sea floor. If you find your way across, Conto Spring is a source of fresh, natural spring water nearby. Whilst sunset here is dreamy, be warned that the presence of fresh water can lead to unwanted mosquito visitors. Suitable for fun waves on a smaller day, with waves becoming powerful and fast when there’s swell. (It’s still the southwest.)


Conto Beach, WA


3. Eagle Bay, WA

Eagle Bay, WA


We’ve only been once, but it was a warm, flat day at this north-facing point.  A snorkeller and freediver’s paradise, this spot would be downright Mediterranean if it weren’t for its signature red rocks and remoteness at the very tip of Cape Naturaliste. Plenty of sand to lounge on when the tide gets lower and easy entrances even via the rocks when there’s no swell. 


Charisse wears the Yasmine Printed Pareo


Mia wears the Anjali Linen Halter Top and Pareo

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