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@our.lovely.mess aka Nathalia is a digital creator who shares her collection of moments raising girls by the sea. We caught up with Nathalia to talk about motherhood, fashion and her life on the farm.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Nathalia and I'm originally from Sweden. I'm a journalist by trade but these days I'm a stay at home mama, a farmer's wife and also work as a photographer. It makes for crazy days but I truly do think I get the best of both worlds!

At Amelius we admire your lifestyle living on a farm in the South West. What spurred your decision to raise your family rurally?

Thank you! It is a beautiful life living in the country and I adore the wide open spaces, the fresh air and our closeness to the beach. My husband is a farmer so for us it's never really been an option to live anywhere but on the land. It's a wonderful place to raise children. They can roam freely and they get to watch the seasons come and go so clearly. We live thirty minutes from endless white sand beaches and I feel so lucky that although we live remotely (and sometimes that's hard of course!) we live in such a beautiful part of the world. It weighs up the few negatives that comes with living and hour and a half from town!

In terms of fashion, what do you look for when finding new pieces for your wardrobe? How would you describe your personal style?

Right I this very moment I'd describe my style as messy as it's a crazy day on the farm and my hair is full of yoghurt. But otherwise I think the last few years have been transformative in the way that I, since becoming a mother, will literally only wear functional clothing. I want to be able to carry my little girls around easily while still feeling well dressed and feminine. I love neutral colours, dark blues and pinks and materials like linen. So tricky to describe your personal style but I think mine is really simple and I love clothes that speak for themselves and are beautiful without effort.

Lastly, we love seeing you in Amelius. Our timeless and feminine designs complement your lifestyle seamlessly. Can you let us know what your favourite piece from our Spring '21 Collection 'Hacienda' is?

I feel so lucky to have found such a gorgeous brand in Amelius. Every single piece makes me feel beautiful and put together, something that matters so much since becoming a mom. There's something so good about the beauty of the cuts in Amelius pieces and their amazing wearability. You can dress all pieces up or down and the materials are always wonderful. My favourite from the Hacienda collection are the Zania dress in olive green, it's the most beautiful cut and feels so flattering. I also adore the Romilly linen dress in apricot. Perfect for spring photo shoots with the family!

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