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Steph Olejniczak is an influencer, makeup artist and photographer based in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Let's explore as she shares her diverse careers, coastal lifestyle and interests.



Aside from content creation, you’re also a professional MUA + Photographer. Tell us a bit about how you got started?
I have always had a big love for all things related to fashion. As a child I wanted to be a photographer, makeup artist, and a fashion designer. After High School, I went to school for H&MU and did just that for quite some time. I was re introduced to my love of photography when I started doing content creation about 5 years ago, and I decided that I wanted to take all of my passions and blend them together.



Where do you hope to see yourself in your career this time next year?
Traveling the world shooting campaigns for my favorite brands.



Your work is vibrant and fun - what are your main sources of inspiration?
I'm constantly inspired by everything I do and see. Vintage photos & movies, nature, music, other creatives on Instagram, and just so much more. The world is full of so much beauty.



What’s your favourite skincare tip or trick as a MUA?


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