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We found a tranquil villa in the quiet Tuscan Hills, outside the tourist’s gaze. The relaxed approach to gardening, a mix of herbaceous plants and jasmine were backed by pines and decorated with an array of sweet potted flowers.

In classical art the Three Graces represent radiance, joy and blooming. Infused with the enchanting colours of the Italian Garden in Spring, this collection calls on charming simplicity and the gradual regeneration of a season turning over.

Imagine the lush expanse of verdant greens, the vibrant allure of lemons, and the deep richness of reds – these are the hues that infuse life into our collection, reminiscent of the charming ambience of an Italian garden in full bloom. The very essence of the collection transports you to sunlit days, where the scent of freshly picked tomatoes and basil lingers in the air, promising the delicious promise of bruschetta to come.

Our Spring collection encapsulates the vivacious spirit of nature's revival, inviting you to embrace the beauty of every moment and step into a world where elegance intertwines with the wonders of the outdoors. Adding a touch of timeless charm, pastel florals make a gentle statement while being elegantly anchored by navy or green checks.

For those who adore our beloved signature silhouettes, you'll be delighted to discover their revival in a fresh spectrum of colours that breathe new life into our collection. Moreover, the essence of familiarity intertwined with a touch of innovation reveals itself in new lengths, offering you fresh ways to experience the grace of our cherished designs.


As always
, a priority for our washed pure linen fabrication remains at the forefront of our range, in addition to the gentle touch of soft linen tencels, the familiar embrace of cottons and appeal of linen jerseys. This diverse medley of textiles ensures that each piece not only exudes luxury but also caters to a spectrum of preferences, embodying our dedication to providing you with a selection that harmoniously blends style and comfort.

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