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Mia wears the Aruba Linen One Shoulder Dress 


Amelius takes our next leap forward on our path towards the vision we have for a brighter future.


Mia wears the Anjali Linen Halter Maxi Dress and Stephanie wears the Anjali Linen Tunic Dress

 Mia wears the Esra Utility Jumpsuit 


When we considered the necessary steps to evolve our sustainability and diversity goals, we looked to the women in our own workplace: working mothers, sisters and daughters who have now gained an ever-deepening knowledge of our loyal customers—and came together with the goal to empower women of all ilks to dress with timeless sophistication and ease.


Mia wears the Anjali Linen Shirt and the Amrita Linen Halter Top with the Bridgette Linen Pant

Mia wears the Amani Linen Tie-Front Top with the Cancun Linen Shorts


For the palette, duckegg blue remains a favourite, while sweet blush tones and earthen stones form the basis for later drops as the weatherr eaches its peak temperature.


Abigail and Stephanie wear the Aruba Linen One Shoulder Dress and Mia wears the Amrita Linen Halter Top with the Bridgette Linen Pant 

Mia wears the Esra Utility Mini Dress


Border techniques draw inspiration from traditional block-printing methods, and our coastal influence is never far in our classic subtle tropical patterns.


Stephanie wears the Esra Utility Mini Dress and Abigail wears the Esra Utility Jumpsuit

Stephanie and Mia wear the Samara Linen Tie Front Top with matching Maxi Skirt and Abigail wears the Esra Utility Mini Dress  


Natural fibres continue to hold the fort, and we are excited to introduce the use of Ecovero Viscose for our lighter pieces, with its beautiful silk-touch sheen.


 Mia wears the Yasmine Printed Shirt with the matching Skirt

Mia wears the Yasmine Printed Halter Maxi Dress and the Yasmine Printed Halter Top with matching Pareo 

Mia wears the Krisha Linen Halter Midi Dress


Shot against the lush backdrop of Bundjalung Country(Northern Rivers, NSW) that never fails to bring a sense of spiritual magic, we hope you take all the time to peruse our latest offerings.


Talent: @_miagaffney @abigailoneill @steph.carta @charissemone
Photographer: @renazheng
Producer + Stylist: @courtneyzhengcreative
HMU: @jazminamiebeauty
Colourist: @renazhengstudio

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