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Made for you with love.

Amelius seeks to create enduring designs that encapsulate a sense of romanticism and reverence in our vision for this world. Each piece is informed by an innate sense of our coastal Australian narrative, and an air of relaxed elegance. 

Backed by an independent, all-female team in Sydney since 2018, the brand steadily evolves every day to align with our value for quality makership and fabrication, and for diverse representation which extends fully across our workplace, workshop, and product offering. Our range offers a full wardrobe for the contemporary woman in our cult-favourite pure linen, extending to luxury mohair knitwear, linen twill suiting and sought-after statement dresses and ensembles for weekend dressing.

In perfect tandem with our in-house production team in Guangzhou, a family business that has operated for over 30 years, we take pride in our small-batch manufacturing and travel to work on the floor with the team each season, continually learning how we can create and finesse the best collection for you.