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 Our Folklore campaign was shot at Rosebank Farm, a dairy property established in 1895 and chosen for its character and charm of a bygone era. The 90-acre farm has abundant wildlife and fruit-bearing orchards, and is home to horses, ducks and livestock, as well as native fauna.



We were lucky enough to call this place home for two weeks in the midst of a very uncertain time. It was a privilege to be able to log off and live off-grid, and let the overstimulation of the city fade away. Days were spent cooking with local produce and gathering kindling, while nights were spent reading and painting by the warmth of a crackling wood fire. 



We are bearing witness to a transformative time, with a collective craving for a return to the land and the local, to be able to withdraw for a moment and realign. 



We hope this collection serves as a reminder for creating time and space for the imagination to flourish; just one of the principles of slow living that we embody at Amelius.


DESIGNER: Amber Keiller

STYLIST + PRODUCER: Courtney Zheng


BEAUTY: Jazmin Commins

MODEL: Kieta Van Ewyck @ Five Twenty Model Management

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