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Winter 2020 'Cassis Oasis'

Our new collection #CassisOasis Winter Collection 2020 is an avant-garde whisper of coming freedom for women if you will.

Shooting at the Old Clare Hotel announces a sense of a man's habitual gregariousness and social inclination. Amelius wanted to incorporate this nuance in the values of this campaign, a getaway from the tight, restrictive role expected from the stoic gentlemen while balancing a sense of eminence.

Amelius keeps it simple and classic with timeless pieces that subtly scream attention. Comfort in euphemisms with the process of reconciling monochromatic colour schemes is what this collection aims for.

In any case, a timeless women’s suit is a common thread that endures historical significance.  Amelius likes a strong suit, and what trumps a suit? A woman in it. The women at Amelius want to break the nonsense and the frills with an outfit that says confident, chic, sleek and polished to get any job done compassionately.

There has always been a strong intellectual, artistic pedigree of women. Philosophers, writers and artists who have dared to blur the gender lines. Amelius credits itself for introducing boyish simplicity into a woman's wardrobe, the kind you can actually wear rather than just admire for style credentials.

Taking a conservative approach to elegant glamour, we opt for reserved choices in patterns and fabrics. Tailoring and clean lines are emphasised in this collection while the focus is on the cuts, the absence of colours and the simplistic beauty. Amelius brings the sexy to conservative, reflecting our females as Parisian women.

If anything, Amelius doesn't believe minimalism to be a trend. Amelius prides minimalism as an anti-trend, where austere pieces will forever be in style. We want our chimera to last longer than just one season. Meaning Amelius’ lure of the perfect set will never wane. 

Amelius’ fascination with a bygone femininity continues. Our romantic approach not only recognises the power of female sensuality, but uses that to its own advantage while seeming vulnerable and exposed.

Amelius takes stabs at articulating the characteristics of classic feminine pieces that subtly scream attention. 

In the Amelius #CassisOasis Winter Collection 2020, garments reflect anachronistic tradition but their materiality is deceptive. It’d be a pity to restrain the collections million facets to just one. Wear our take on heritage minimalism and reflect your Parisian feminine self in something that yells modest yet striking.