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As we move towards a more mindful production approach in Winter 2022, Amelius welcomes you to peruse our capsule collection of sumptuous garments in luxurious heavyweight fabrics, designed to be reached for time after time.



After consulting our library of tried and tested silhouettes, we have designed from our cult favourite shapes a selection we hope will last in your wardrobe for many years to come.



Set against a steel blue sky, the stark Australian winter sun browns green foliage into dry, umbrous tones. Strong winds pick up the ocean swell and the nights are brisk. It is with this rich palette of Chocolate, Khaki, Indigo, Rust and Cream that we introduce our latest inspired offering, ‘Equinox’.

Shot at Brunswick Heads in Bundjalung Country with our favourite equine friends, we hope our campaign reflects the synthesis of sophistication, aspiration and earthly sense of pragmatism we know the Amelius woman values.

- Team Amelius x

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