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All Things Wellness & Fashion with Shahrzad Kahrobai

We sat down with beauty industry icon, mother and Amelius muse Shahrzad Kahrobai of @thespotbeauty to chat about her sustainable approach to wellness and fashion.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, I’m Shahrzad from @thespotbeauty. I’m a new mum and lover of all things conscious and sustainable. I love the outdoors, travelling, exploring and spending time with my daughter Deia. The beach is one of our favourite spots and I love that Deia is a little water baby! What are your top beauty products for this summer and why? My top beauty picks for summer - a Mineral Sunscreen and the Proceanis Vegan Hyaluronic Acid drink. SPF to keep my skin protected and the Proceanis to help hydrate my skin from the inside out. A delicious inner beauty drink that does wonders for the skin.

Has your beauty and wellness routine changed since becoming a mum and could you share some self-care tips for busy mums?

It definitely has changed, I don’t have as much time as I used too! I have learnt to be practical and minimal but when I get the chance I love to indulge in my beauty routine. My suggestion to busy mums, invest in a great SPF, serum and eye cream! It is so important to take the time to practice self care - do something for you because you deserve it! My favourite self-care tips are, using a Gua Sha, putting a detoxifying face mask on and having a hot bath. Self-care doesn’t have to be beauty related, just find time to be mindful and present.

As a leading advocate for clean beauty, what are some challenges the industry faces today? And in your opinion, how could they be addressed? The word clean in the beauty industry as of recent is seen as “dirty”, as many companies used it to help market their products and greenwash consumers. Before Clean Beauty became a mainstream term, it was often referred to as Green Beauty and this movement is what shook the beauty industry. Consumers were selective about the ingredients that went into their skincare, they wanted transparency and ingredients that aren’t detrimental to their health. This was heavily exploited by the mainstream beauty industry, who saw it as an opportunity to mass produce products and market them as clean, without necessarily being clean.

It’s never been so important for brands and consumers to embrace sustainability! Can you let us know what you look for when supporting beauty and fashion labels?

Absolutely - sustainability is key! I love seeing how beauty and fashion brands are adopting more sustainable practices and producing products that minimise their carbon footprint. I always love supporting local and smaller brands - I find they are often very passionate about sustainability with innovative methods to help reduce waste whilst also being truthful and transparent.

We love seeing you in Amelius! Can you share your favourite pieces from our Spring ‘21 range ‘Hacienda’?

The 21 Hacienda range is such a stunning range! I love the gorgeous colours, unique prints and the beautiful linen. My favourite pieces are the Seraphine Set and the Heartloom Rose Set!

What advice would you like to pass on to your daughter when it comes to beauty and wellness?

My advice to my daughter would be - choose products and brands that align with your values. Don’t always follow trends and ask yourself, do you really need it, try not to over consume!

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